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Big or small, weddings celebrate your love for each other. It's kinda a big deal! We are firm believers in romanticizing this special day. We are storytellers through our images. To us, it's all about not when it happened, or exactly how you did this and that, it's more about remembering what the day felt like. When you look back at your photographs, the tangible memories leftover from a series of beautiful moments, can you feel the butterflies you had? Can you remember the overwhelming feeling in your chest when you took your first step down the aisle? Can you remember how the sun felt on your skin, the smell of flowers in your bouquet, and the goosebumps that followed when you said “I do” to forever?  Our mission is to harness that invisible connection and bring it to life through beautiful photographs = memories.

bridal shoes with ring between the two heels
bride looking back at her bridesmaids
groom about to kiss bride on cheek
bride and groom giggling
bride and groom kissing with veil blowing in wind
bride and groom facing the camera
bride and groom first dance in barn
bride and groom dance while groomsmen blast confetti
bride and groom gazing at each other at Spring Gavel Creek Farm in Southampton Ontario
bride and bride sitting by blue house
bride and bride with wedding party at Wasaga Beach
engagement ring in lavender
dress hung in window at log cabin in Blue Mountains Ontario
Bride holding her blue velvet wedding shoes
Bride getting ready with maid of honour holding mirror